Mahadav Temple

IMG_4714IMG_4722Apparently DJ’in is big in IndiaIMG_4720IMG_4719IMG_4718Roadside Cows and BullsIMG_4717

This playa is just walking randomlyIMG_4716

Mahadav Temple in Borsad



Visiting the Farm

Roadside Mini TempleIMG_4640IMG_4641IMG_4642IMG_4643IMG_4644IMG_4645IMG_4646IMG_4647

Tobacco PlantIMG_4648IMG_4649

Pearl Millet PlantIMG_4650IMG_4651IMG_4652IMG_4653IMG_4654Home for Hired HelpIMG_4655IMG_4656IMG_4657Tractor IMG_4658

Tobacco HeavenIMG_4660IMG_4661

Even dogs in India eat Parle-GIMG_4662IMG_4663

Bulls for the farmIMG_4664IMG_4665IMG_4666

Uncle riding the bullIMG_4668IMG_4669IMG_4670IMG_4671IMG_4672IMG_4674IMG_4675IMG_4676IMG_4677IMG_4678IMG_4679IMG_4680IMG_4681IMG_4682IMG_4685Banana TreeIMG_4688IMG_4689IMG_4690

Family / Child Labor working TobaccoIMG_4691IMG_4692IMG_4693IMG_4694IMG_4697

Tobacco for daysIMG_4698IMG_4699IMG_4700IMG_4701IMG_4702

There is an owl in that pipeIMG_4703IMG_4704IMG_4705

Lily PlantIMG_4706IMG_4707

Coconut freshly picked off the treeIMG_4708IMG_4709IMG_4712

Farewell India

So the time has come to say good bye to the folks of Mumbai and all the luxuries of a vacation. 

Be sure to continue checking in on this blog as I will be uploading pictures that I wasn’t able here. 



  I really don’t understand the concept of playing Indian series with no volume? You guys want me to read their lips?


Eat at home

Enjoying random food at home 

Typical breakfast since we’ve been in Mumbai    
  Last samosa here  Soy (very tasty and flavorful)
Guju food that I don’t mind eating 

   Ahhhhh sweet juicy mangoes
 Yellow rice with soy and topped with onion and a not spicy ­čś× green chili 


Grab everything

Now that it’s coming to the last few days before we head back, I’m trying to get all the outside Restuarant food. I’m not going to eat any outside food a day before I leave just to keep my stomach clean for the flight. I ended up going to a dhaba which is basically a theme roadside Restuarant. Dhaba’s are usually off the highway and primarily served truckers. With that this place has swing and ground cushion seating. 

   They took an old truck and lit it up
 Swing seating

Chana chaat

  Stuffed paratha   Mango fresh creme 
Kesar pista rubri. Wasn’t a fan of rubri but that kesar pista ice cream that was on the bottom was amazing